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Alicia Piller at the LINE

July 2023 until present
3515 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90010
About the Exhibition

Alicia Piller is a Los Angeles based mixed media artist that envisions historical traumas, both political and environmental, through the lens of a microscope. Through manipulation of materials like resin,latex balloons, and text/images found from the artist’s research, each work becomes a biological unfolding of time, examining the energy around wounds societies have inflicted upon themselves and others.

The three works exhibited at the LINE LA are works Piller has shown as part of her solo exhibition at Craft Alliance in St. Louis, Missouri. Coming from a background in Anthropology, Piller has always been fascinated with fossils, earthly elements such as minerals and botanicals, as well as the root of humanity. For these specific works, Piller examined the St. Louis race relations and the impact of early civilization on its natural landscape. Her works embody the form and contents drawn from both the land and its native botanicals, resulting in works that suggest transformation and vitality.

Participants & Artworks