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(Sep 25–Oct 7, 21)
Little City Farm LA
1148 South Victoria Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90019
About the Exhibition

a collaborative exhibition
hosted by Baik + Khneysser
with GOBI and Namu Home Goods

In this exhibition we invite the viewer to explore the relationship between the artist and the material they choose. How does material transform the artist’s work, how does it change starting points and ideas? IN FLUX presents artists who work as negotiators, as listeners, rather than independent genius creators. The creator succumbs to the agency of nature and allows the material to transform their work. The material defines the work and the process while the artist responds. What emerges is a fluid relationship in which the artist and the material surrender to one another.

GOBI artist Jinseok Choi works with his surroundings and life situations as conceptual materials that prompt him to transform the unavoidable byproducts of fabrication into something that is constructive and breathable. He collects and uses hardwood sawdust and plywood scraps and uses them as materials for artmaking. With these materials Choi creates platforms, structures, frames, and sculptures. The byproducts are the negative space created from Choi’s physical labor and time he spends to sustain his life and art practice. Transforming this negative space into positive space is not only an adequate representation of the struggle emerging artists face but it also subverts the alienation of labor and reclaims the true value of physical labor.

Participants & Artworks