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Landscapes, or perhaps a blanket

Sept 2023 to Aug 2024
130, Yanghwa-ro
Mapo-gu, Seoul
About the Exhibition

In the GOBI Artist Suite at RYSE, you will find works by Kyuhwa Moon (문규화) and Scott Lee (스캇 리), two artists living and working 6,000 miles apart. Despite the distance, the two artists create scenes that bear similarities in form, process and reflection. Although they might only describe themselves as painters or artists, we’d like to suggest an additional title – discoverers.

Discoverers find new things. They explore and reveal things that others may not have known or seen. They offer something new to the world in ways that are unique to their perspectives. The paintings, drawings and small sculptures in this space are findings from the two artists’ everyday routines, walks, commutes and other daily tasks.

During the pandemic, Kyuhwa Moon experienced the global calamity through produce and landscapes that surrounded her home and studio in Seoul. She observed these landscapes that formed out of necessity – the need for food and hope. As small gardens began to shape in her neighborhood, she painted the organic forms that changed as people planted, grew, watered and consumed the fruits and vegetables. These landscapes were painted in micro and macro scales, zooming into the core of a yellow nectarine and zooming out to a large field of vegetables.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, Scott Lee paid tribute to the everyday by noticing the delicate and fragile nature against a cold, industrial city landscape. His paintings gently depict roots, trees, flowers and buds that bring warmth and liveliness to dark, isolated and industrial surfaces. The impermanence of these fragile subjects emphasize the blaring vitality of nature and serve as a reminder of life.

Through their works, Kyuhwa Moon and Scott Lee share their discoveries – small moments and encounters that may have gone unrecognized. These moments provide comfort and hope at times, pleasure and joy at other times. We hope that you will be able to uncover your own findings during your stay at the GOBI Artist Suite at RYSE and that these findings will feed the vigor and vivacity of your lives, as they have done for us.