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Nanan’s Garden

(Jul 17–Jul 31, 21)
Little City Farm LA
1148 South Victoria Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90019
About the Exhibition

GOBI is pleased to present Nanan’s Garden, Seoul based artist Nanan Kang’s first-ever exhibition in Los Angeles. On view will be four sculptural editions from Nanan Kang’s Long Long Time Flower series installed with GOBI Edition pedestal and vases.

Nanan Kang creates art that permeates life. Known as a “window painter,” Nanan’s early works were painted on windows, allowing seasons and reflections to transform her works. They often served as mediators between those on reciprocal sides of windows allowing viewers to become part of the work itself. In her recent work, Long Long Time Flower, the idea of art permeating through life takes form in various flower arrangements inspired by Korean folk paintings and crafts. They recognize an important value in art – gift giving. Nanan had first made these flowers as gifts for her friends hoping that her love and gratitude toward the people around her would be kept from wilting. These flowers now appear in her work in the form of paintings, prints, small and large scale sculptures, installations, and more. Nanan has collaborated with companies such as L’Occitane, Estee Lauder, and Korean Air and has exhibited internationally.

Participants & Artworks