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Dimensions: 6”(L) x 3”(W) x 0.5”(H)
Weight: 2.7 lb
Type: Edition of 2

The ceramic scissors were used to recreate prophecies from a psychic reader. They make puzzles  with the past, present and future. Cut the poem word by word, rearrange the sequence, a new poem is born.

Due to the unique nature of handmade objects, each work is unique to its shape, size, and finish. Scissors can cut paper when handled correctly. Work includes a print of a poem written by the artist.

About the artist

Ruoyi Shi is an interdisciplinary artist working with objects, writings, performances, and video installation. Inspired by folklore, oral history, mythology, and personal memory, she combines humor and fiction to construct her own poetic narratives. Through her practice, Ruoyi plays a world-building game with the figures and creatures she invents and she invites audiences to participate in her alternative reality.


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